Fill the Gap Between Where You ARE and Where You Want to BE.

Fulfillment Is Not A Fantasy

Find Your Path to Inner Harmony, Clarity, & Reconnection

All too often people think that by working harder and climbing the corporate ladder, they will achieve the happiness and satisfaction they desire.

Yet day after day, week after week… the drive home from work feels more and more isolating, and the void grows larger.

Your Mind is precious Real Estate! It requires Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical Balance. When it’s stuffed too full… even with things that seem “good”, like success and relationships, the balance is thrown off and it can feel harder and harder to find it again without guidance.

That’s what our brand new program: “Building a Real Happy Life” is all about.


“Building a Real Happy Life” includes

12 Weeks of LIVE COACHING Sessions

designed specifically to recenter your life and bring you back to a place of joy and fulfillment. You will be working with us, alongside the other members of the group, to navigate the 3 Stages: Disassembly, Gathering the Parts, and Restoration.

Together, we’ll work to reassemble proper balance to your mind and life.

It’s most common in high-achievers.

“Successful Individuals” have made it to a point in their career where, in theory, they should be able to live a happy, fulfilling life. There is money. There is a job that they’ve worked hard to acquire and maintain. Oftentimes there is even a relationship or a family.

They seem to “have it all”. Yet they still feel unfulfilled, unhappy, and seeking something different out of life.

That’s because happiness doesn’t come from your career or your relationships. Ultimately it comes from finding a balance between the Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, and Physical components of your MIND.

Those Who Join Will Come Out of this Program:

✔️ Feeling happier, more emotionally balanced, and stronger

✔️ Leading a more fulfilling life

✔️ With a transformed inner life

✔️ With harmonized physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual existence

✔️ With clarity on their goals

✔️ Forging better relationships with loved ones

✔️ More resilient, and able to navigate life’s challenges without sacrificing joy.

Space in the program is very limited so that we can ensure a personal connection with each one of the participants.

Don’t wait to sign up. This is your opportunity to get back on track, and reconnect with a version of yourself that you’ve been missing!


Building a Real Happy Life is your opportunity to find balance.

When you sign up, you’ll be getting:

12 live sessions with Q&A

Access to a Private FB group to connect with fellow members

Knowledge on the 3 Stages: Disassembly, Gathering the Parts, Restoration

Assessments, homework, and worksheets to put each lesson into practice as you go through the program

Tools to make room for joy and fulfillment in the physical, spiritual, and mental realm at every turn

All of this for only $1297



You are capable of Fulfillment. But it is a choice.

Choose Joy.

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Mike Hayes, Founding Pastor of Covenant Church and renowned author, has been a significant figure in ministry since 1970. He is best known for his book, When God is First, which has sold over one million copies in eight languages. Mike has been recognized for his impactful work on  racial reconciliation, immigration, and Middle Eastern-Israeli peace agreements as a Faith Advisor for the White House. In his latest book, Real Happy: Jesus’ Surprising Path to Genuine Joy, he reflects on the universal quest to understand genuine happiness, a subject he holds close to his heart. Currently, Mike resides in Texas with his wife Kathy.  Off the page, he finds joy in spending time with family, listening to good music from Bocelli to Haggard, and restoring classic cars. Stay connected with this author at


Dr. Jeffrey Garner is a California native and Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary graduate. For twenty years, Dr. Garner has pastored in downtown San Francisco, researching the gospel at work in culture. He lectured at Western Seminary for twelve years on Discipleship and Urban Mission. Now turning his sights to authorship, Jeffrey uses his expertise in Johannine literature, Christian mysticism, and urban issues to draw seekers and learners into the Belovedness of God. While he has written over a thousand sermons, devotional guides, and curated several spiritual journeys, this co-authored book on happiness is his much-anticipated book debut.  A husband and father of two adult children, Jeffrey loves listening to jazz while cooking dinner, watching the fog spill over the Marin Headlands, hiking the Sierras, and reading Mary Oliver.  Stay connected with this debut author at